Here is what one of the biggest name in NLP and Cognitive Behavioral Psychology has to say about Romeo.  “What I look for in the NLP / Neuro-Semantic Trainers that we produce is a strength of character that cares about people and the quality of their trainings and I see that in Romeo Haokip. For India — it is very good that Romeo is there presenting trainings that support people and organizations unleashing their potentials.”  L.Michael Hall Ph.D-Author of 50 plus NLP books, Executive Director of Meta Coaching System and Neuro Semantics

Testimonials: For complete video testimonials of previous participants visit the link below


In this 6-7 days I felt that the bridging of the “knowing-doing gap was really possible. I believe it was very scientific and I could experience the power of all the techniques. And the fantastic conceptual command that Romeo displayed and demonstrated and it help us achieve in similar ways, I think it was really powerful. This is the program I will recommend to every professional and every person who wants to change and take charge of their lives. Yogesh Bari-Head of Learning & OD with 15 years experience,French MNC 

I would recommend everybody to attend this because it’s an eye opener and people get to know themselves.We’re so closed; we don’t understand what we are but this program helps you to first understand what you are, your limitations, and how much you can achieve by opening up yourself. It’s amazing, with lots of breakthroughs from my birthtime to my future. Sowmya Swaminathan- Learning Consultant of 18 years, Certified Behavior Analyst

For me the biggest takeaway from this program has been increase self awareness. As a coach this program has given us an entire toolkit to help ourselves and our clients as well. I recommend this program to everyone. Welcome to the session with Romeo. Thank you very much for this program. Pankaj Upadhayay-Principal Consultant & CEO of Shuddham Learning & Training with 20 years experience, Master Practitioner from Dick McHugh

One of the key highlights of the program is the amount of interactions which takes place, the amount of skill building that takes place here. And of course the content is brilliant. The facilitator’s knowledge and his ability to answer questions is beyond any doubts. The reason I would recommend this program to anybody would be because it provides a framework besides all the tools, and the process to follow as coach to take people through a transformation journey. Rajiv-Executive Coach, Performance Consultant & CEO of Gravitas Learning & Performance with 27 years experience ( Already a Master Practitioner in NLP from Dick McHugh)

My expectations were to really learn a couple of well formed tools that will give me some information to work with and showcase them while am training. The reality was completely different. In these 7 days I just really realized, that these second version Meta NLP, made us learn things that we’ve never seen before, to better ourselves and others. Raghav-Sr.Manager People Development

This particular program has been extremely enriching and very helpful in my coaching career.  Been very interesting and helped me to create a new path. I had great breakthrough while working with timeline and also while creating a new part. Thanks to Romeo, it’s been wonderful. Sanghamitra Testimonial- Principal Consultant, Executive Coach & CEO of iExpert with 25 years of experience, Certified Behavior Analyst( Already a Master Practitioner in NLP)

“I have absolutely achieved what I wanted to achieve in this program. If you are thinking of this program as a business owner, leader, as a daughter, as a friend, as a girlfriend and as a future wife and a future mother, you have to do this program. We are walking around blind, until you know and experience what Neuro Semantics is. It will absolutely change your life. It’s a new insight, so it’s a must”.  Emily Harrison from Australia-Executive Director & Founder, Innovaid Advisory Services working with Bollywood celebrities and cricketers in setting up charitable foundations.

When I first decided to join this program , I had no idea what I was going to do. Infact I had many many doubts about it. But am really astonished by the unprecedented impact this program has left on me. It  has helped me dispel years of doubts and fears. It has also actually helped me understand where am coming from when I react to various situations. And I would also like to thank Romeo who’s been an absolutely fantastic coach. And I think he has in him what it takes to make a person believe in himself.  Shafina Segon Head of Marketing South Asia- Taylor and Francis Group with 20 plus years of experience.

“Thank you Romeo for providing this awesome, awesome 8 days training. To say that it was a learning experience would be an understatement. This program has the potential to change the way you think, improve your personal life, your relationship, careers avenues, people management, team management. No matter whether you’re in a Senior Management, Middle Management or any level this course will help you fit in and perform in your organization better and I highly recommend this course to everyone”. Parvathi’, an Ex HR Center Manager, MBA-IIM-Bangalore.

“When I thought of coming for this program there was actually lot of reservations in my mind because I have heard about NLP from different various aspects. And this program has given that leverage point. It has given me higher purpose in life for the very first time. Romeo comes up with immense value proposition in the entire frame of experience and knowledge. I wish all those who wish to take a meaningful decision in life and go for excellence, this is a great way to start. .Great learning for more than a lifetime and an awesome Trainer….Just Fantastic! I truly believe now that Neuro-Semantics is way to go”.  Sukanta Das Head of Learning & Capability Development Vodafone Group, a Certified Behviour Analyst and ICF Leadership Coach .

I’ve heard about NLP a lot and wanted to see what it is and it was absolutely amazing. It had a profound impact on me. And I believe everybody, even people in the field of Psychology must do it. It’s beautiful, the practices and everything is just amazing. And it was more amazing because I think we had a Coach like Romeo who made best effort to help us in every possible way. I really felt that was a breakthrough session especially for me. Sakshi Kaul- Professional Psychologist & Trainer, Gurgaon.

“I suggest everyone this course because this is one of the best course I have ever attended and because this is the best program to create human excellence. Despite having difficulty in attending this course I made myself to attend this course and in the end it was a beautiful journey for me. I suggest everyone to attend this program because I believe this p rogram is the best program to create Human Excellence”. Dr Hareesh Babu- District Ayush Officer, Govt of Karnataka.

“I never knew this program would induce so much of introspection into me. Am now able to deal with those uncomfortable parts of my life and have the courage to confront them. If you really want to change yourself this is the program to attend”.  Vijaya HOD, Head of Trainers, Behavioral Skills, Manipal Academy of Banking

“The course is very rigorous, it will challenge you, it will grill you and will make you do things you’ve never done earlier. Attend this course to discover yourself first, though coaching will also be your secondary gain and discover yourself as a better person when you leave. And of course earn this, you will not get the certificate easily, you have to earn it”.  Dr Tushar Chothani- Coach and Trainer.

“ If you want to change your life for betterment, move forward personally and professionally and feel the quality of your life has to change, this is the program to do. It changes you and your personality. You will be questioning yourself, your values, your beliefs and strengthens you. Do go for the program“   Rama Sateesh, Associate Dean, HOD, Behavioral, Manipal Academy of Banking.

“This program has made to be a better individual today. If you’d like to find a new found you, and you want to be christen and baptized and maybe get a namkaran as well again, this is one program that you should attend- Neuro Semantics. It will help you identify and see things like you’ve never seen before. You’ll be shocked, amazed, excited and even surprised. Attend the program”.  Fiona Lobo,HOD Behavioral Skills,Manipal Academy of Banking

 “I have attended several courses but this one particularly has helped me in actually understanding the science behind bridging the gap between “knowing and doing”. And all these 7 days have been exceptionally resourceful. And I find Romeo exceptionally talented in terms of handling the complete task. We laughed, we participated, we enjoyed and it’s been an excellent learning. And anyone working towards achieving their personal best I definitely recommend this.”- Ravi Barla- Director and South Head Equity Broking Group at JM Financials Services with 20 years of experience.

I have done other NLP Practitioner courses but what I’ve experience in the last 7 days have been amazing. The learning, the exercises, and the practical experiences that I have taken here is incomparable ! As a sales professional for the last 17 years, all the learnings here have enhanced my perspective of the human neuro-linguistic thought process. Am going to incorporate what I learnt into my training and coaching programs. Thank you Romeo who’s been the best coach I have ever had. Do not miss out on this! Rizwan Dadan-Director at Achieving Personal Excellence,Mumbai, also a member of Mumbai Toast Master Club(Practitioner from Alpha Star, the Society of NLP) 

“Thank you Romeo for providing us this course. It was really rigorous and not a really easy job. It made us think beyond what we had ever thought in our lives. The patterns we learn help us really go inside and bring out the real us. It made me also understand myself how I think, how I behave, why I think and why I behave that way and now I can improve. This course provides the fastest way to bring about a change in anyone and a sure shot that will surely touch your heart when you apply the learnings. I highly recommend this NLP training”. Rupali Bari- Spiritual & Life Coach, Counsellor, Trainer & Chief Psychologist Neuro-Nirvana Consulting

“I needed a course with someone who could adapt to my personal goals since I am an experienced professional, and I found what I was looking for during your extensive training. Infact your training has brought in efficiency and adaptability to various circumstances. I was lucky on to attend your training sessions and appreciate your knowledge”.
– Naveen Rao Vice-President Sprism Investment.
“I have worked with Romeo and found him to be very profound in his work. He has a great depth in training his topics. He is highly recommendable for corporate training. All the best.”
– Nelson Negi, CEO, Tekton Consulting.
“Romeo has been associated with NEXT for quite a while now. He is a dedicated and hard worker and believes in giving of his best. He has upskilled himself and in doing so, has also been able to share that knowledge with others working in the same field of work. I wish him all the best in whatever he does and keep striving for perfection.
– Lelany Roberts- Vice President Marketing.
Mr. Romeo Haokip was associated with Falcon Institute of Management as a Trainer to enhance the “Leadership abilities” of our MBA students. Than just a trainer, he acted as a coach and mentor “Par Excellence”! He has the innate ability to empathize with the students who were at diverse levels and could create a drastic metamorphosis which was much deeper and long lasting than a superficial and temporary change. I wish him all the best! He could be a real change agent to any organization!
– Shinu Abhi, HOD of Manipal University’s MBA in Media and Entertainment.

Romeo is an excellent trainer who has empowered my team and given them a new lease of life.–Himadri Roy, Exe-Vice-President, IndiaInfoline. Bangalore.

I enjoyed a lot. Also I had a lot of problem inside me regarding people under me. Moreover I was confused and frustrated how to go ahead with those things when market is not doing well. Thank you very very much for recharging me and built the inner Vijay out .It really was a very useful training.
-Vijay Kumar. R Manager India Infoline, Bangalore.
After the training program I realised my performance and attitude towards work has changed when my inventory results started showing 0% error defects. The management awarded me Rs.10,000 for my performance and they are planning to give me the best Employee award of the Year. Thanks to your training and belief in me.
– Sathiah TESCO, Warehouse Manager.

After your superb delivery on the paridigmic difference between a manager and a leader, I just felt like coming up and giving you a big hug! – Annu, Master Certifier, Convergys.

Thank you for showing our teachers to be servant leaders and models and also for the recommendation of mark allotment for character showmanship. We would like you to come every year. J. Haokip, Founder- V.M. High School.

Comment by International Corporate Leaders On Romeo’s R&D on Servant Leadership:
As in meditation there is a certain sweetness in life lead with servant leadership. A higher level of consciousness! A Mindfulness! Servant leadership is certainly demonstrated in your passion, Romeo. I respect and appreciate your perspective! Thank you.
-Paul Gothier, Durham, North Carolina – CEO Internet Marketing & Web Development Co. at RTP Designs LLC
Thanks Romeo. what a great perspective – servant leadership as a lifestyle, not just a way of behaving in the office.
-Jason Krausert, Calgary, Canada – CEO Inner Sync Systems.
Romeo you have echoed my experiences on servant Leadership. I see how the words could be considered somewhat of an oxymoron, but it reminds me of the old adage: “To be a great leader, one must first learn to follow.” this still holds
– Charles Barest, VP Engineering at eSilo, West Palm Beach, Florida, Computer Software
On Sales:

Romeo, I think you are dead on with this statement!! (this sounds a telemarketeers mission statement:)Dirk Steenbergen, Sales Trainer in Enschede Area, Netherlands.

Romeo, I agree with Dirk above, you are “so right on.” This is what I teach in my Prospecting – Presentation – Close workshops and in my new book with the same title. If more sales people understood how to “read” the prospect, they could create more sales. – Jerry X Shea Author/Speaker/Small Business Consultant, San Luis Obispo, California

I really like the template of your statement, Romeo. Now I can ‘play’ with it in my communication. For example, “Leadership is about communicating your state(emotional state) and creating a state in the team (organization) where the team members enter a physiological and psychological state of taking supportive action (following).” -Peter P. Performance Consultant and Owner/President at Popovich & Associates , Charlotte, North Carolina.


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