About Romeo:

Romeo Haokip is an International Neuro Semantics/NLP Licensed Trainer from ISNS-USA, which operates in around 40 countries globally. Trained by Founder Michael Hall himself at Hongkong, he has been rigorously benchmarked with stringent standards to qualify to be a competent NS/NLP Trainer.

He is certified to train and issue certificates from ISNS-USA for the following courses:

  1. Advance Coaching Essentials and Coaching to Self Leadership– Level I&II of Meta Coaching. This can be spread across 5 minimum days, with Intensive 5 days or spread day wise in weeks and months. Highly premium quality Coaching for Business Leaders and Senior Managers.
  2. Meta NS/NLP Practitioner Certification for 7 days minimum. Highly recommended for Trainers, Managers and Leaders.
  3. Meta Master Practitioner of NS/NLP for 14 days minimum. Highly recommended for Coaches, Trainers, Managers and Leaders.
  4. Accessing Personal Genius: A 3 days Intensive workshop that utilizes some 13-15 NS coaching patterns to enhance emotional intelligence in a real live format with the sole focus of bridging the knowing and doing gap.You get Printed Manuals for the courses designed by Michael Hall. And certificate from ISNS-USA signed by Michael Hall.Most of this courses are conducted for a minimum of $1500-$4500 outside India. But our prices here in India is negotiable, but whether you get the certificate depends on stringent standards of competencies shown during the course.

Neuro Semantics is about making sense of NLP, cleansing every non scientific patterns to take NLP to a whole new level. Based on Cognitive Behavioral sciences, from Developmental Psychology, the neuro-sciences, General Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), cognitive linguistics, cybernetics, and system dynamics- it combines a powerful transformational tool for self-actualization. Organizations can benefit from having more response able employees, high in EQ who are continuously bridging the knowing and doing gap to produce stellar performances in the workplace.

M K Romeo H is also the Founder and Principal Strategist and Consultant of Leaps Management Consulting and the only Neuro Semantics Indian Trainer Certifier in South India. John Hunter Murray is another Australian NS Licensed Trainer who collaborates with Romeo in pioneering Neuro Semantics in South India. NS is about taking NLP to the next level. Within the last 14 years of R&D observing industry trends he has picked up the art of Modelling people and the finding out the success behind businesses.

His coaching and training models originates from the field of Neuro semantics- the torch bearers of the Human potential movement started by Abraham Maslow. Experiencing Neuro semantics is like being in a behavioral or Mind Lab where coaching is done to the client’s matrix and coach the body too to mind muscle beliefs and concepts that are empowering.

He has worked as visiting faculty to many Business schools transforming lives of the students, Advisor to many NGOs and new startups, trained and consulted across various domains like FMCG, Hospitality, IT/ITes, Retail, BFSI, Education, Online media Marketing etc.


About John

John Hunter-Murray is an Executive Coach and Trainer, specializing in the application of NLP and Neuro-Semantics, to develop fully people’s potential.  John trained at Fordham University, New York, in Psychology and Pastoral Ministry. He has over 25 years of counseling, coaching and training experience in the USA, Australian and UK business world.

In 1983, Rupert Murdoch, the media icon, relocated John to London where he initiated a coaching and mentoring service for the journalists and staff of The Times, Sunday Times, Sun and News of the World and other News Corporation publications.

After ten years, he resigned to set-up his own Consultancy – MCM Network. Rothschild’s, HarperCollins Publishers, Time-Life International, The Economist and others became his clients for counseling, coaching, and training.  In 2000, he returned to Australia where he continued his work with a variety of companies, including a major part of the Australian Coal Industry and Australia’s leading Design and Industry Company.

John is uniquely qualified as an Executive Coach and Trainer with an understanding and experience of blue-chip corporations and the business world.  Coupled with his practical knowledge of psychology, his experience as an NLP and Neuro-Semantic Trainer, and his natural ability to establish rapport and trust, John is preeminently a ‘people-person’. He is indeed a remarkable man with extraordinary gifts to offer to India and its development.

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NS-NLP Practitioner in Bangalore


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