Consulting and OD Interventions for Middle and Senior Management

  • EQ -Awareness to Behavior.(EAB)
  • Stratactical Leadership Development for all level( SLD)
  • Servant Leadership Model-why they are best Strategist and People’s preferred Leaders.
  • Bridging Sales force and Marketing Department- All Marketing & Sales Related(AMS)
  • Complete B2B & B2C Selling and Negotiation
  • Systemic Innovation-from Benchmarking to Policies.
  • High Impact Business Communication Packages
  • Customized NLP/NS & MBTI Programs and Certification for conflict management.
  • Recruitment method for Culture fit and for Hiring Top Producers
  • The Employee Intelligent HR Department
  • The Speed of Trust-Tangible Profiteering Strategy
  • RPM for Time and Life Management (PPP)
  • Trainers’ Benchmarking Program from NS (TBP)
  • Benchmarking Based Coaching from Neuro Semantics for Organizational Coach (BBC)
  • Various Customized Organizational Development Interventions(VCOD)
  • New Induction Orientation to Culture and Corporate Grooming.
  • Ways to make L&D Department show tangible ROI.
  • Customer Intimacy and Client Engagement


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