Our R&D on acquiring Leadership,Employee Engagement, Systemic Innovation,OD, L&D, Sales, Marketing & Branding Strategies & practices is worth more than 3.25 crores modeled from more than 20 Top Business,Marketing & Personal Development Global Gurus & latest training methodologies adopted from ASTD-US & Changeboard-UK and Executive/Business Coaching from NLP & Neuro-Semantic Society for Cognitive Behavioral Change.

The following are our Core Products and Services to help Business Leaders to actualize themselves, their Team, their Organization and their Businesses. Some Coaching & Consulting Intervention we’ve listed for CEOs, CMO, Head-HR, Head of Sales, L&D Heads:

  • CXO Meta Coaching-Leading, Strategy Making, Influencing through Presentation, Behavioral
  • Researched Based Marketing and Sales that makes education do the selling
  • Time and Result Management Secrets of Fortune Leaders
  • Perfecting the Art of Sales Process
  • A Plan for Massive Action and Execution Discipline
  • The finest tools for Leaders to Influence others
  • OD & Change Management Tools,
  • EQ Mind to Behavior Coaching
  • Excellent Recruitment System for Top Producers
  • The 3 Ps’ to create Brand Loyalty and Translating enhanced SOPs into Policies.
  • Mind-lines from Neuro Semantic to that directs the brain in 7 different directions
  • Activating your Culture to come alive in the real World.
  • A Systemic Innovative Leader
  • Coaching for Strategic Marketing and Unique Strategic Positioning
  • Customer Service to Customer Intimacy.
  • Coaching for Innovative HR Recruitment
  • Coaching for L&D to make every Training Investment worthwhile
  • Strategic Selling and Negotiation skill for B2C or B2B
  • Coaching for Actualizing Executive to their Maximum Potential
  • Coaching for Time/Life/Stress Management

FULL DAY FREE COACHING/Consulting one on one for CEOs or Group Coaching for CXOs to what it takes to be a STRATACTICAL Leader-the 0.2 in the Industry. Additional Bonus FREE Coaching worth 1 Lakh Free. No string attached. Limited Offer.

What goes far beyond the ICF is that in the Meta-Coaching System, the competencies are benchmarked to specific behavioral actions and so provides behavioral measurement of the coaching competencies. In Meta-Coaching, we have rigorous credentialing that far exceeds the standards of the ICF.-Michael Hall.

“The Meta-Coaching program delivers more useful and practical information per minute/ per dollar spent than any training program I have ever attended – and I have been to a great many of them. This is the best delivered and most useful piece of NLP/NS that I have attended in the last twenty-five years! A brilliant experience.”
Jim Brush, NS-NLP Trainer, Business Coach – jim.brush@imarkup.com

Eligibility: For Paying Clients

All coachees need to qualify the coaching criteria in order to be coached. Coachee needs:

  • To be coachable.
  • Have commitment to stay through the end of the coaching process
  • Believe in the coaching process
  • Confide in the Coach
  • Be accountable to key stakeholders for his improvement
  • Be accountable and take ownership for personal change.

Our Coaching Approach: Why its different

  • We qualify the coachee/ we don’t coach base on needs but based on coachee’s commitment for change
  • We use feedforward for providing feedback. We focus on possibilities and not on problems.
  • We charge our fees based on results and not on hours of coaching or content.
  • We include and interview stakeholders to the coachee’s progress and hold them accountable as well
  • Stakeholders play a role of a coachee to the our coachee rather than as critics.
  • The coachee decides on the behaviours he/she would like to change and not the management.


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