I want it now

I Want It NOW!

It’s fantastic being with people who know what they want and who are actively doing what it takes to take hold of their life ambitions. And it seems we need to not only know what we want we must also achieve it quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

Wouldn’t that be nice? To have what we want in an instant.

I haven’t found that to be a reality though. It takes time and as much as I don’t like to admit it, there is no overnight success, no instant rewards. The more I research success and work with those who are Self-Actualisers in a multitude of contexts, nothing comes quickly and rarely is it ever aligned with your own well thought out time line.

We live in an instant consumer demand world, where waiting for a service is unacceptable and the quicker I am served the better. We seem to have moved towards the age of instant gratification where patience is no longer a virtue but an inconvenience.

Advertisers play to our impatience by offering staggering results in only minutes a day. The foolish need for instant results are immediately embraced and any form of delay is deemed a product of lesser value or overly time consuming and therefore of no real value. Whether it is in education, skills, weight loss, fitness improvements or a career advancement that we are each after – we want it and we want it NOW and without delay!

To be the bearer of bad news, I feel it’s my duty to tell you that mastery, greatness and excellence takes time.

Does that message initially irritate you?

There is no instant quick fix to losing those extra 50kgs you took 10 years to pile onto your stomach and hips. There is not a magical pill that you can swallow which will give you back your youthful fitness and nor are you going to climb the corporate ladder overnight. To put it bluntly – success takes time and usually longer than you ever imagined it would.

Yes be ambitious, be passionate and make every painstaking effort to reach your goal. Do not be side tracked or seduced by entertaining the idea that there is a magical elixir that’ll provide you with instant results and quick fix formula to success.

Set out a well thought through, sequenced goal and pursue it. Be PATIENT while you are stumbling your way towards it. Know that it will take time and you will need to be patient, self-disciplined and willing to pay the price, all great achievements demand that of you. Part of the price you will need to pay is to be willing to persevere even though it may require decades of your time.

Are you willing to sacrifice your need for instantaneous results and be patient as you pursue your goals? I hope so.

Be generous with the amount of time you believe you will need to achieve your goal. Enjoy the day to day effort you make to accomplish your goals and demonstrate a persevering patience throughout.

You will make it and it will require your time, so enjoy the journey rather than focus on the destination and practice an enduring patience along the way.

Colin Cox- Master Trainer, ISNS-USA.